Belmont Porchfest
September 7, 2024 (rain date Sep 8th)

Porch Host Registration

A “Porch” is any designated area on your insured private property that can accommodate performers. It must be on the ground level (porches are ok).

To register a porch, there are a few requirements:

In lieu of a confirmation email, you will see a message after you register with all the information you need.  Please download it for future reference.  

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for Hosts

Location Info

street number and name
Apt #
floor or apartment number (optional)
Type of Space


We want Porchfest to be for everybody, and for folks to know before they go out what to expect. We will include your answers to the next four questions on our map and band description:

Audience Viewing Area Description
("Flat grass" ,"Cement Driveway", etc)
What, if anything, is notable about the condition of the sidewalk or yard (slopes, broken surfaces, and curbcuts, steps)?
Is there anything notable about the terrain between the audience viewing area and the street that could be difficult to navigate (For example: Long Distance, Gravel, Steep, Slippery sections, Some Potholes, 20 Stairs, Tree roots, Broken Cement, No Parking at top of long hill)
Is there anything else we should know about your venue?

More Details

How Many Artists?
how big a group can your space accommodate?
Would your porch be available for Rain date Sunday Sept. 8th?
Can you provide electrical outlets?
amenities? (blank = none)
Other Information
Anything else we should know about anything?


We are using the same signs this year. Some hosts held onto their signs last year. Let us know what you need this year:

Homeowner’s Contact Info

Your Name
we will be sharing this with performers who will be on your porch
Contact Phone
format: (###) ###-#####
Email Address
we will be sharing this with performers who will be on your porch

Town Waiver

The town has asked that we have you complete this form. We have created a dropbox folder to collect the forms. Please rename the file with your address and last name, and upload the complete version to  this dropbox link.

Porch Coordinator

Every Belmont Porchfest porch requires a Porch Coordinator who will communicate with neighbors before and during the event, make sure people respect lawns, stop traffic from being blocked, etc. We will assume this is the same person as listed above, however, if you are performing, you should list an alternate below:

Coordinator Name (if different than you)
Contact Phone
format: (###) ###-#####
Email Address
If you are being matched with a performance can we include your contact information on a spreadsheet to be shared with all matched porch coordinators (or hosts, if they are also the porch coordinator) and performance managers?