Belmont Porchfest
September 10, 2022 (rain date Sept 11)

Porch Host FAQ:

Do I need to own my property to sign up as a porch owner?

Yes, for liability reasons. Tenants are welcome to host the event, but please have the property owner complete the town waiver and the Porchfest registration. This is an insurance hoop and your attention to this detail is very important. Your porch will not be listed until the property owner completes the town registration waiver.

How long will the performance be on my porch?

Porches host from 30 minutes to 2 hours and no longer.  We aim for there to be a good flow in your neighborhood.  To ensure all porches are represented some performance times will be shorter than requested.  Remember, this is about community, not an individual party. 

Do I need to live in Belmont to be a host?

The property must be in Belmont, the registering property owner can live anywhere.

Do I have to find performers to play on my porch?

Not at all. Performers can be assigned to your porch.

I’m a performer! Can I play on my own porch?

That would be awesome! Register your porch first and then select it when you register as a performer! You can also tell any friends you want to play on your porch to select your porch as long as your total performance time is 2 hours or less. If there are a number of porches hosting in your vicinity, we may schedule your performance for a shorter period of time than you requested. For the enjoyment of everyone, please adhere to the time you are scheduled.

How will I know who will be playing on my porch?

Once the registration is closed and all the performers and porches have been matched, we’ll contact you to let you know who will be performing on your porch and connect you with them directly so logistics for the day can be worked out.  Expect to hear from us in late August.  We will post on FB and on our website when we send out matches so if we haven’t posted that, please hold tight.

Do I have to provide water, refreshments, food?

Any provisions you provide is up to you! Many hosts make the extra effort to make sure their performers and audience are comfortable.  In the past, some organizers have put out food and beverages, but times are weird, do what feels right for you.  Chairs and blankets can be a nice touch.    Whatever you do is appreciated!

Do I provide parking for the performers?

No, but it would help if you arranged with the performers where they can park temporarily to drop off equipment.

How will folks know that my porch is hosting performances?

Our website will have a map and schedule. We’ll be setting up a lawn sign in your yard, weeks before Porchfest. We’re counting on you to help promote the event as well!

Can I decorate? Can my kids set up a lemonade stand?

Absolutely! Make your porch festive or do nothing all. We just ask that you don’t block the sidewalks.