Belmont Porchfest
September 7, 2024 (rain date Sep 8th)

Performers Registration

If you are planning to perform on your own porch, register your porch first so you can select it on your performance registration form.
Here are general performer requirements:
Questions? Check out our FAQ page for Performers, especially if you are youth performer or want to be part to the "Let It Go" Grille stage of personal essays.

Thanks for making the Belmont Porchfest happen!

In lieu of a confirmation email, you will see a message after you register with all the information you need.  Please download it for future reference.  

Contact Info

Performer Coordinator
Contact Phone Number
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Email Address
(this will be shared with other performers, porch coordinator, and porch liaison)

Artist Info

Type of Performance
(if other please describe in 'other' below)
This field is meant to help us group similar artists together. We love artists to express themselves but if you mostly fit in one of the other categories please use that.
Performing Name
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Description for our website
Social Media
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Short description (admin only)

Online presence


Performance Info

How Many Performers?
How Loud are You?
(mostly an issue for bands :-)
1 = A musician, a stool and a guitar, 3 = brassy street band, 5 = SHAKIN' THE WINDOWS BABY
Prearranged Address
If you have arranged with a registered porch to perform there, please select them here.
Please let us know if you have a specific preferred start time
Performance Length (in minutes)
How long is your set? Include some time for setup/breakdown if needed - at least 5 minutes in any case
Would you be interested in a second performance?
Will you need electrical outlets?
Are you still available if Belmont Porchfest has to use its rain date? (September 8th)
Sometimes we are asked to recommend performers. Would you like your contact information to be included on a list to be shared with individuals, groups, businesses, &/or organizations seeking performers?

Anything else?

Other Information
Is there anything else you believe we should know?


Tip Jar Information

Venmo Name
A Venmo name (starting with '@') you would like to provide for potential tips
Alternate Tip Link
Alternate link for tips. (if you leave both blank, we will link to Belmont Porchfest's Paypal - Thank you!)


band/artist photo
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