2nd Annual
Belmont Porchfest
September 7, 2019 (rain date Sept 8th)
If you are planning to perform on your own porch, register your porch first so you can select it on your performance registration form.

Belmont Media Center hosts an open mic the second Saturday of the month from 2-4 pm. If you can’t wait until porchfest to get in front of an audience sign up here - Hone your craft while making a high-quality video to share with others.
Here are general performer requirements:

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for Performers.

Thanks for making the Belmont Porchfest happen!


Contact Info

Performer Coordinator
Contact Phone Number
Email Address
(this will be shared with other performers, porch coordinator, and porch liaison)

Artist Info

Type of Performance
(if other please describe in 'other' below)
This field is meant to help us group similar artists together. We love artists to express themselves but if you mostly fit in one of the other categories please use that.
Performing Name
This will be the name listed on maps and websites...
short name
optional short version of the name so it can fit in a crowded timeblock schedule
A few sentences describing what your performance is about, written in the third person, that will be used on maps and websites. Please limit to a few sentences so we won't have to chop it down later.
How Many Performers?
How Loud are You?
(mostly an issue for bands :-)
1 = A musician, a stool and a guitar, 3 = brassy street band, 5 = SHAKIN' THE WINDOWS BABY
Website Link
Optional link to your website / soundcloud page etc (one link only, please)
Video Link
Optional additional link to a youtube video, vimeo, bandcamp page, etc (one link only please)

Performance Info

Prearranged Address
If you have arranged with a registered porch to perform there, please select them here.
Starting Time Preference? [optional]
Performance Length (in minutes)
How long is your set? 2 hours is standard; 30 minutes or shorter should only be part of multi-group time block. Include some time for setup/breakdown if needed - at least 5 minutes in any case
Are you interested in a potential second performance? It would be scheduled at a time and location determined by BPF staff
Will you need electrical outlets?
Are you still available if Belmont Porchfest has to use its rain date? (September 8th)

T-shirt and Za!

What t-shirt type would you prefer?
What t-shirt size would you prefer?
V-necks run very small; order a size or two larger than you normally would unless you want a very snug fit
Performers high school and younger
Please provide the name of each high school and younger student who will be picking up their free slice of pizza at the grand finale.


Liability: The performer, on behalf of his/her band or group, agrees to hold Belmont Porchfest, Inc. and each of its directors, officers, volunteers, and agents harmless for any liability arising out of any and all acts or injuries to the performer, members of his/her band/ group and personal property of the performer and members of his/her band/group arising out of this agreement.

The performer, on behalf of his/her band or group, understands while participating in this activity, I/we may be photographed or filmed. I/we agree to allow my/our photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Belmont Porchfest, Inc. and their successors and/or assigns.

The Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.


band/artist photo
drag and drop an image in the square (or click to choose file) - if an X appears, image may be too large