1st Annual
Belmont Porchfest
September 8, 2018 (rain date Sept 9th)

Porch Host FAQ

What is Porchfest?
Belmont’s Porchfest is a celebration of community through music and arts performed by your friends and neighbors (and maybe even you) on porches throughout Belmont. Walk to a neighbor’s house to hear a Klezmer band or host a circus show on your front lawn.
How long will the performance be on my porch?
We’re limiting performances to 2 hours, although most will be shorter. You may have multiple performers filling the entire 2 hours or you may have just one lasting 30 minutes.
Do I need to own my property to sign up as a porch owner?
Yes, private property only, please, for liability reasons.
Do I have to find performers to play on my porch?
Not at all. Performers will be assigned to your porch. You can select 1 performer (if they've already signed up) and we give them priority for assigning them to your porch.
I’m a performer! Can I play on my own porch?
That would be awesome! Sign up as a performer and then select your performer name as you sign up your porch!
How will I know who will be playing on my porch?
Once sign-up is complete, we’ll be contacting you to let you know who will be performing on your porch and connect you with them directly so logistics for the day can be worked out.
Do I have to provide water, refreshments, food?
Water would be great, but we’re asking performers to bring their own. Any other provisions you provide is up to you!
Do I provide parking for the performers?
No, but it would help if you arrange with the performers where they can park temporarily to drop off equipment.
How will folks know that my porch is hosting performances on September 8, 2018*?
We’ll be providing lots of information on our website, including maps with a schedule for September 8th. We’ll be setting up a lawn sign in your yard, weeks before Porchfest. We’re counting on you to help promote the event as well!
I have other questions, who do I contact?
Please email us at Belmont.Porchfest@gmail.com
*Raindate September 9, 2018